Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The newest addition...Liam!

I just seem to be behind in everything lately, but for my birthday last month my lovely fiance, agreed to let me get a dog. I knew that since I wouldn't be at the apartment enough of the time to get a puppy so I knew from the beginning I wanted that I wanted to start out with an older puppy dog. One that was already somewhat trained but DEFINITELY house-trained. 

I always find myself looking on craigslist at dogs and such and so I knew how many dogs were on there looking for new homes. Most of the time it's for ridiculous reasons like they're moving or they just had a new kid or they just got a new job or work schedule. I can understand that somewhat but seriously, dogs are very good at adjusting to new things so most of the time these reasons are bogus.

So, when Chris told me that we could start looking for a dog I was so excited. So I started my hunt. I knew I wanted a German Shepherd but I didn't care if it was a mix or not, but I knew I wanted a German Shepherd. And I was ok with either male or female as long as the female was fixed. 

After only a couple of days, I found the perfect dog. It was a male, German Shepherd Lab mix who was a year and a half. He was house-trained and came with a crate, leash and collar and food bowls. He was perfect.

So I called.

I asked if he was still available.

He was.

I asked a couple of questions about him.

Then it was their turn.

They asked a couple of questions, which I answered.

Then it came down to the moment of truth.

Could I have him?


I was so excited I could barely stand it. I couldn't wait. We made agreements to meet up in two days and then he would be all mine.

The day I went and got him was a very exciting day. I took my best friend Dezi with me for the car ride and for safety reasons and it was just great.

When we got to the meeting point and I was so anxious I was pacing back and forth. Dezi continuously laughed at my anxiety and impatience. 

When the old owner finally showed up and then out came the dog. He was scared and nervous with the businesses around us. And he was shy. But he was so stinking cute.

The old owner handed over the leash, said his final goodbyes and told me good luck and left. 

This was it, he was mine.

It took a while for him to come around but now, he's my baby. He follows me around from room to room and he's just such a pleasure to have around. 

Everyone, meet my new baby, Liam.

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