Thursday, April 21, 2011

Best Friends

People like to say that you can only have one best friend, but that's just not true. I have multiple best friends. I have best friends that I've had since birth (meaning my sister Mickiah of course). Then I have my bestfriends that I've had since kindergarten, Erica, then later on in the school years, Casey. Then I have my best friend from church that has been my best friend for almost five years, who is, of course, Dezi. Now each one of these girls I have different connections with, I have different memories with. 

With Mickiah my memories include, sibling fights, her standing up for me as my sister, and of course following her around all the time because I wanted to be just like her. Then we grew up and so those memories consist of driving around in the car blasting out to music (something that I actually do with all my best friends), having deep talks about life and boys, her guiding me through the tough things, etc, etc. Mickiah and I talk not everyday but close enough over text, or e-mail, or a phone call here and there, due to her living in Vegas with her husband. She just announced to everyone, though I have known for a while now, that she and her husband Jesse are expecting their first child. They don't know the gender of their baby yet, due to them not being that far along, but they are thinking about keeping that surprise to themselves. 

With Erica, we have many, many memories of playing as kids. We were pretty much inseperable as kids, staying at each others houses all the time, calling each others parents mom and dad, that kind of thing. Then we had a few years apart, I think we talked like...three times in the four-five years that we didn't see each other. Then my brother, Jeremiah, somehow got in touch with her sister and then gave her my number and we started hanging out once again. Those memories include talking about boys, me Kody, her James, and life and blasting out to Ke$ha in my car, since now we can drive, and just being girls together. Now, Erica is married and expecting her first child, a baby girl named Fayth who is due within the next few weeks, so excited to meet my best friend's baby and my god-daughter. Erica still talk but not as much as we like due to me being away and her and her husband having moved away from our small town. BUT, we still talk and she is still my best friend.

Then comes Casey. Casey has been my best friend since seventh grade, right around the time that Erica and I stopped being able to see each other. Casey and I have always had a fun, but different relationship. See, me I'm a loud, hyper, touchy person. Casey, is quiet, calm and collected, and does not like to touch, or be lovey dovey. I tell all my friend "Love you" and I tell Casey that too, but she is one of the friends that I know she loves me but she really doesn't like to say it, it's awkward for her. But Casey and I have our fun memories, of (don't look down on me for this, I was in junior high at the time), making fun of people, making up nicknames for those people so that we could talk about them without them or anyone else knowing that it was them. Then we have other memories, that almost broke our friendship, but best friends make it through anything right? Then we have, of course, our shared love for Supernatural, or rather Jensen Ackles, oh so beautiful Jensen...yummy. Sorry, got a little distracted there, anyway, Casey and I have many memories of talking about supernatural, watching supernatural together and talking about it, me missing supernatural so her either writing out what happens or drawing out in a lovely way what happened, or us watching supernatural seperately but texting each other "oh my gosh! did you see that!". When I say we talk about Supernatural, yes we did talk about the show but most of the time it was talking about how sexy Jensen looked, or how cute that certain look on Jensen's face was. Now, we talk about anything and everything, including moving in with each other when I come home from Los Angeles, and of course, we still talk about Jensen's beautifulness =)

Then, of course, there's Dezi. My precious Dezi-ray, I purposefully misspell her name =) I love my Dezi, she is my younger best friend, but absolutely the one the probably gets me the most. We have multiple inside jokes, nicknames for each other, and funny stories. Whenever I think of Dezi I have to smile because when I think of her I think of the memories I have with her, especially a recent one to Wal Mart =) Dezi is the one that I probably talk to the most, about the most. I can tell her everything and not be worried about her judgement or her telling other people. Not saying that I don't trust my other best friends that way, but I'm just saying I probably am that way with her most. I can not wait to see her when I come home, because we are both going through so much stuff at this point of our lives and we've had to learn how to not lean on each other as much, but to figure things out ourselves, but when we are together we will definitely have a sit down talk and probably cry with each other and wipe each other's tears over everything that has happened. 

See? You can have multiple best friends for different things, or share the same things with each of them, but still have a different connection with each. I love each of these girls so much, they each have a huge piece of my heart and they all mean a lot to me, the same amount of a lot to me =) 

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