Friday, April 1, 2011

The latest in my current life

Well, it finally hit me that I haven't blogged in a long time. Well, a long time to me. So, I decided to just kind of update my blog. 

So for starters, my room mate Kendra moved out of our room a few days ago. It was sad to see her go, we've really bonded and she understands my struggles of being in a long distance relationship. When I'm in the mood that ALL I want is my boyfriend, she gets it. Bri, I'm sure she sort of does, but she still seems to not get it at the same time. Kendra does, she has been there, done that. So she understands the importance of a simple phone call, she understands just missing them even though your fine otherwise. Granted she just moved down the hallway, BUT it's not the same to me because first off, I won't know when she's busy or not now and I talk better to people in their room so that everyone on campus doesn't hear and spread rumors or something stupid like that. 

So Kendra moving out means a few things. First off, there is less mess due to there being one less person. Second off, we now have room for TWO more room mates when the next bunch of interns comes in, instead of the one we had before...well sort of. We had a BED for them but not really ROOM. Anyway, it also means that I now have to worry about one room mate coming in late so I don't have to stay up so late waiting for them to come in because otherwise they'll wake me up. Bri, never wakes me up when she comes in, like, NEVER. She has the gift of being like a mouse. So, now I can go to bed when I want and not be woken up the next morning when Kendra gets up early for work, which really only bothered me when I was SUPER tired. It also means that Kendra will be able to sleep all she wants and not be interrupted by Bri and I being in the room talking or whatever. Finally, it means that I moved from top bunk, to bottom bunk, which means no more almost falling off the top bunk or dropping things off the top bunk.

Another thing that is going on is that I am absolutely HATING being in a long distance relationship. Now, for the people back home reading this, NO, we are not gonna break up. What I'm saying is that this just sucks. I miss him all the time and I hate the days where I could really use one of his hugs, or cuddling with him and there is no way I can get it. I hate that I can't see him and all I can get is a phone call or an email. No hugs, no hand holding, no hugs, no cuddling, no hugs, no just being with each other and hanging out, and did I mention NO HUGS? Can you tell I miss his hugs??? I do, I MISS KODY'S HUGS!!! LIKE CRAZY!!! But, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? It is definitely doing that to me...when Kody came for my birthday I really enjoyed the time that I had with him and was thankful for the time I had with him. And whenever the next time I see him is, then I will be VERY thankful for that time. Just saying, there will be some MAJOR hugging going on =)

Something else that is going on in my life is that my Bible study every morning is really doing great. I actually started reading in the morning and at night. I actually JUST started that, as of last night. It's so funny because I used to not even want to read the Bible and now I can't seem to get enough of it. I just want to keep reading it and reading it but I have other responsibilities to take care of, like work, and my social time as well. I started reading James last night and I only allowed myself to read one chapter because I knew that if I didn't stop when I did I wouldn't have stopped, I would have read far into the night. But believe me, the little bit that I did read last night held SO MUCH stuff in it. In fact, I remember thinking, who knew that one chapter in the Bible could hold so much good stuff in it? For those of you that are curious, James is the PERFECT book to read when you're going through trials or temptations or hard times. It tells you exactly how to deal with it, and it's a cool way to look at it.

Another thing that is new is that tomorrow, I will have been here for officially two months. Crazy huh? On some points it feels like its been an eternity that I've been gone, but when it comes down to other things, it hasn't been that long. It's a weird atmosphere here when it comes to time frames. Everyday feels like its a week long but then it also goes by so fast at the same time. There have been numerous times when I have looked back at something and been like, "Wow, I did that today? I thought I did that like five days ago." It's just weird sometimes, but at the same time it's a comfortable time frame. Like, you feel like you've been here for years so you're comfortable with things here and the way things are. Sure, we all still have problems with different things, like the fact that sometimes I feel like I'm back in high school because everyone has to know everything about everyone and rumors and news flies faster then you think it could.

The last thing I want to say is that due to the current heat, I finally feel like I'm in Los Angeles. It is so super hot, this is when I wish I was back at home. Its already 80+ degrees and that is after it was just RAINING this weekend. I'm not used to 80+ degrees all of a sudden and in general I'm not used to 80+ degress. Back home, it kind of builds up to that, and by the time it gets to like, 60 degrees everyone is in shorts and tank tops. So, I am currently having major issues with this heat, BUT I guess I will have to get used to it the same way I've gotten used to everything else around here.

That's all for now, folks!

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