Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Easy, right?

Working at the Dream Center Mailroom could seem like a VERY calm job right? You just answer phone calls and sort mail, make copies for people, you're pretty much a secretary. Well when you actually work in here you would easily come to the realization that yes, you're a secretary but you are a secretary for EVERYONE here at the Dream Center. You get hundreds of phone calls a day, a whole BUNCH of people coming in and asking you questions that as a new person you don't really know the answers to. Then on top of that you have dozens of names you have to learn to figure out where their mail goes, you have to learn which department they work in and that kind of stuff. There is so much that goes into a person working in the mailroom, yet there are moments when you're like, "hmm, what to do, what to do?", then a swarm of people come in asking for their mail, or copies or whatever they want. 

All that to say, I like my job. I love my boss, I love that I can listen to music while working, I love that I see people all the time and I love that I'm pretty much in a position where I can easily get spoiled. That's something I'm having to adjust to because people will buy you things and give you things and its so rude to reject them yet I have such a problem with people buying me things. For instance, today, a friend came in and dropped off chocolate for me. How nice right? Well for me, I had a hard time accepting it, but he insisted and he always gives me this speach about how people giving me gifts could be God trying to bless me, so how could I reject God's blessing?

Now, I'm enjoying God's blessing, NUMMY NUMMY CHOCOLATE!!!

So, the point of this rambling? Just because a job may seem easy, "don't judge it until you've tried it" which is me saying, "stop telling me I have the easiest job ever until you have come to Dream Center, dealt with the people I have to deal with daily and tried learning over 500 names and where those names go.

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