Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome to the Dream Center

Some of you know what I'm currently doing with my life, but some of you don't. Even those of you that do know what I'm doing would probably like to know a little more about what exactly I'm doing. I am currently staying in Los Angeles at a place called the Dream Center. It is known for a lot of things, but mostly a rehab center. Which is always so sad when people are like, "oh that rehab place?" because it's not just a rehab place. Yes, they do have a rehab center and a program for after that called discipleship and it has helped a lot of people, one of them being my new friend Timmy. But the Dream Center has so many other programs. They have the family floor, the teen discipleship program, the food truck, the food ministry, project prevention which helps families about to lose their kids because they can't afford food and other basic needs for their kids, project hope, and the skid row outreach called Jonah Project, the hope for homeless youth program that has a lot of different ministries in itself but one of the main ones is reaching out to the gays and the prostitutes, and the movement, a one year school set up for just you and God to figure out "the cause within you" (sorry that phrase is said so much with Pastor Matthew Barnett's book being released).

Pastors Matthew and Tommy Barnett are the founders of the Dream Center. Matthew came out to Los Angeles to start a church and then God called him to go out to echo park where he saw all the hurting, lost, and homeless people. He found the old Queen of Angels hospital that was for sale, looked around and really felt God's calling for the building. With a little persuasion toward the people selling the building and, of course, God's blessing, they were able to purchase the building. Cool huh?

See the building he purchased? It's been remodeled and such now and I have no clue what it looked like before, but isn't it beautiful?

This is the other half of the building that the first picture doesn't cover. Then there's two other buildings and the hope for homeless youth house on campus. I just haven't gotten pictures of that though.

So as I work here at the Dream Center I will be working in the mail room which is actually a very fun job, minus the stressful moments and the angry phone calls.  I love my boss Jessyca and my co-workers Kayla and Julia. They are all super cool and Jessyca takes me out quite often for lunch and such. She's very easy going and she's someone I know I can talk to.

Meet my fishies, I'm still working on my boss to get my own all to myself on my desk. I hope so, I need a companion closer to me.

This is the view from the door. It's been a little rearranged and less messy at times, but yeah, this is my work area.

This is what a day of packages can look like. This doesn't happen everyday but it does happen often, especially with Pastor Matthew's new book hitting the New York's Best seller's list. Cool huh?

So, the main idea of the mailroom is to sort all the mail into each department and give it to them. We have a lot of individuals come in looking for just their mail and I can't do that. I have to sit at that desk a lot and answer the DREADED phone. Cool part of the job? I get to Instant Message my boss and co-workers with questions so I feel like I'm talking to people a lot. And a lot of people DO come into the office, most of the time though they are frustrated with the fact that I don't know my job very well yet. According to the people that work with me though, I'm doing a good job. They MUST believe this because they have left me all to myself now in the office, which is VERY scary at times.


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