Monday, February 21, 2011


As I was growing up I shared rooms with my siblings. I used to sleep in the same bed with my sister at one point. And over the years as friends have stayed over I have shared a bed with them. But I have NEVER shared a room with two strangers. It's so weird. I came here and met my roomies, one at a time due to their different schedules. I was extremely worried that they weren't going to like me or that I wasn't going to like them or whatever. And sure we have our...MAJOR differences, like, they're REALLY girly, they love shopping and the primp for a LONG time, but I like them.

Kendra is from Canada and she's a daddy's girl but she's cool. She talks A LOT but we love her for it anyway. She has the weirdest sayings, and she gets excited for the oddest things. She has a good style in clothes and I think she's the one that takes the longest getting ready but that's ok, everytime by the end of it she always looks good. She sleeps A LOT and she has the CRAZIEST work schedule either. We are all still adjusting to that one.

Bri is from Oregon and she's a super cutie. All the boys fall at her feet and are instantly in love with her. Sure sometimes that part is annoying because then when you're hanging out with a bunch of people all the boys want is to talk to Bri but we're getting used to that one too. She is pretty cool though so we all understand why all the guys are so interested in her. She is crazy though, she gets so excited over the funniest things ever. She mumbles a lot while talking so I have to have her repeat herself a lot but that's always ok because then I don't feel like the only mumbler around here.

We are starting to all adjust to each other and get used to each other's different ways. We are all trying to work together when it comes to our differences and they are teaching me how to be neater, let's see how that one goes. They keep trying to get me all girly but that's not going to happen, I forbid it. FORBIDDEN!

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