Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shredding NO MORE!!!

So, these last few weeks at work, I have been shredding, and shredding, and shredding. Which is another reason why my blogging has been so limited. Granted I just started blogging in February but still, I like blogging as much as I can and shredding has hindered that amount.

Back to shredding...so last week right before lunch I'm sitting at my desk sorting mail and my boss brings in this HUGE, GIGANTIC cart of stacks of boxes with personal files that have to be shredded. So, I got to do that. It was very annoying. The machines hates me and I hate them. They never work the way I want them to, they always jam up, they just, hate me.

So, I have been shredding, and shredding, and shredding for two weeks. It pretty much sucked, but I got it done. As of today. It was FANTASTIC! Its amazing how accomplishing the smallest thing can make such a BIG difference in someone's day.

So now, I can FINALLY go back to a normal days work and enjoy work without the horrid sound of the shredder, without the task of going through files from 1996 and then taking out dozens of bags of shredded paper and reloading the machine. Look, I know that shredding can seem like quite a lazy and easy job, but when you have as much shredding material as I did and have to do all your normal day tasks on top of it, it can become quite a handful. 

BUT thanks to some help from my boss and some other co-workers the shredding is DONE! D.O.N.E. FOREVER!!!

Well...at least until the next group of people needing stuff shredded come in...

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